Advice on Private School Tutoring

Getting individually tailored tuition for your child is a great way to boost their results at school or prepare them for an entrance examination. Studies have shown that regular private tuition will produce at least one grade point improvement on average.

Rough estimates suggest 1 in 4 students have had private tutoring at some time in their school or college career. Therefore there should be no stigma in seeking additional help; it is definitely more of a positive boost than a needed aid for most pupils.

If a couple of additional lessons each week makes the difference between an A*/A or B grade, and subsequently a university placement, then there’s no question as to whether it’s a worthwhile undertaking.

Finding the Right Tutor

We recommend TutorHub to find an expert specialist tutor to start straight away! Tutors conduct lessons online via a unique platform which uses an interactive digital lesson-board, two-way file sharing and a mic/webcam for communication. It is lower cost than a face to face tutor, and you only pay for the exact time you need to the minute!

All tutors are DBS or CRB checked, and the ‘testimonial’ system allows you to judge the quality of teaching without investing your valuable time money through trial and error. Online tutoring is highly recommended by parents and consultants alike, and is fast becoming the most popular method of extra-curricular assistance. Use the tool below to find qualified tutors in any subject:

The whole question of getting a tutor is obviously something you need to take time to think about. Finding the right person is not just a question of qualifications. You need someone with a sympathetic personality, who you can also trust to look after your child. We suggest building your own selection criteria and considering several options, just as is advocated in our choosing schools guide.

Safety and Background Checks

With regards to trust, you may want to look at the “Disclosure Barring Service” check. The Criminal Records Bureau check has been superseded by the DBS, which now also includes the functions of the Independent Safeguarding Authority. The DBS is not available to self-employed people, as the checks are done by an employer. So, it would be a good idea to use a tutor recommended by a trusted agency or via a personal recommendation.

Cost is a factor for most people, and it links in to how many private tutor sessions you want to book. If your child is attending school as well, then you probably don’t want to have more than a couple of private sessions per week. You want to allow time for rest, relaxation and other extra-curricular activities. On the other hand, having just one private session per month may not be worth it, as too much may be forgotten between lessons. The most common option is one lesson per week; just like you might have driving or music lessons. You can also consider arranging some lessons during the school holidays as well.

The Cost of Private Tutoring

In the UK, those average costs are around £30 per hour for one child. If you have 2 children to be taught at once, then the usual charge is about 50% extra (i.e £45 for the two students). Bear in mind this is the national average, so you will quite probably find tuition to be somewhat above or below this in your local area.

As you might expect, the price rises as you go up the age range from 5 years to higher education. Foreign language and music tuition come in at about the same rate too. If you’re looking at professional subjects like law or accounting, then these will be about £40 per hour.

Tutoring Location

Traditionally, the tutor will travel to your home to conduct lessons, however online tutoring is fast becoming market leader. You will need to provide a quiet area for learning without noise from televisions and telephones etc. The tutor should provide all teaching materials, and the student will need whatever pens, pencils, and notebooks they would normally take to school. Some tuition may need internet access, so make sure you have a reliable connection which can handle live data streaming.

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