Our Ratings System Explained

On every school listing there is a unique rating value out of 10. The purpose of this system is to allow parents to quickly evaluate schools in an objective manner using comparable data.

My Top Schools Score Breakdown

Maximum Score Available: 10 (100%).



Sports Facilities – 15%
The grading for sports facilities is split into 4 equal sections, each being awarded from a simple yes/no assessment. Achieving a ‘yes’ for all 4 criteria achieves schools a full 7.5% for this section, with a proportionate decrease for any ‘no’ scores.The 4 criteria for assessment in the ‘Sports Facilities’ section are:

  • Gymnasium (indoor gym with at least cardiovascular exercise equipment present)
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Games Hall and/OR Sports Pitches.
  • Specialist Sports Facilities.


Drama & Arts Facilities – 5%
The grading for drama and arts facilities is a straight yes/no to achieve the full 5%, based on whether a school has a dedicated theatre or performance hall for pupils’ drama and music productions.


Grounds Size – 5%
Similar to the drama and arts scoring section the 5% allocation for grounds size is a simple yes/no criteria. Although a little more contentious, this value is judged on whether there is a campus attached to the school. So for example an inner-city school which compromises of buildings only and doesn’t have a notable volume of land attached to it would not qualify for the 5% grounds size award.