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10 Easiest A-Levels For Students

Choosing your A-Levels can be one of the most important decisions of your life. These are the subjects you must complete successfully if you have ambitions of university once you finish school. If you’re looking for an easier path through your A-Level experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of the 10 easiest A-Levels with extremely high pass rates.

1. Drama

With a pass rate of 99.3%, Drama is considered an extremely easy A-Level 1. One of the reasons for so many students passing this A-Level is because the subject is so enjoyable! There’s not much content in this subject either, with only 40% of the exam being written, of which you’re given an open book to work from. However, don’t let the statistic fool you, as you’ll still have to put in the effort to get the grade you want.

2. Film Studies

If you love films, this subject is perfect for you. Of course, there’s a lot more to the course than sitting around and watching films, but as a movie lover the content will be extremely fascinating. This makes studying for the exams feel like less of a chore. Some providers of this A-Level will give you the chance to film your own project, such as a screenplay or short film 2. This involves creating your own storyboards and writing a script, and at the end evaluating the whole project. Some students may find this easier to do instead of common essay writing.

This A-Level almost has the exact same pass rate as Drama at 99.2% 2. This is incredibly high, but Film Studies doesn’t tend to pair with many other A-Level subjects. This leads to students taking more difficult subjects despite this A-Level being relatively easy. If you’re the type that enjoys extended writing and evaluating, you’ll do well in this subject.

3. Geography

This A-Level doesn’t have as much course content as others, and overall, the content you need to learn isn’t too hard and is easy to understand. This makes it easier for students to do independent revision, as you won’t have to practice for as long as others. The course can often involve field trips to allow students to explore different geographical areas and environments relate to the content.

A-Level Geography is also quite an interesting subject, meaning your brain will be more engaged and working, leading to higher productivity. A-Level Geography also has a pass rate of 98.7%, with only 1.3% of students failing the course 1.

4. Art

Considered to be the most creative A-Level, any students that prefer creativity will tend to thrive in Art. However, a large part of the subject that often catches students out, is the evaluation aspect. This means students have to appraise each art piece they create. There’s also an element of extended writing, so if that’s one of your strong points, A-Level Art could be a great choice for you. With a pass rate of 98.8%, Art has one of the highest pass rates amongst all A-Levels 1.

5. Sociology

This A-Level is just like the other sciences, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. However, there’s less content that’s easier to understand as the topics are connected. The pass rate for this A-Level is 97.9%, which may be lower than you expected, but that’s because students that take the subject often find it easy, and therefore don’t pay as much attention as they should 1. As long as you actually do the work set out for you and put in the hours, you’ll be fine.

6. Food Studies

This A-Level has a relatively low amount of content, most of which is easy to understand. If you’ve previously taken Food Studies at GCSE level, you’ll find this subject even easier, as it’s very similar and the majority of the content directly follows through. Food Studies involves practical assessments, which suits students who aren’t a fan of lengthy essay writing. Students can practice the practical assessment before the real thing by rehearsing preparing the food correctly and in a hygienic manner. This allows them to be as prepared as possible. In terms of written exams, students do not have to learn a lot of content. The topics covered include fundamentals of the food industry, creating nutritional meals, and handling food safety. This A-Level has a pass rate of 98.5%, with 22% of students achieving an A grade, showing how easy the subject can really be 1.

However, it must be noted that universities generally don’t see Food Studies as a necessary A-Level. Therefore, most students will take this as a 3rd option.

7. Information Technology (IT)

Like Food Studies, A-Level IT is also similar to its’ GCSE counterpart. The majority of the A-Level is just common sense, and the fact that most people have a mobile phone and computer these days, means that you’ll already know most of the content. You’ll sit 3 exams, with 2 in the first year and 1 in the second. The topics covered in this A-Level are data structures, programming, and IT systems. You’ll also complete some course work which is worth 20% of your overall grade. However, this coursework isn’t as easy as the exam.

8. Textiles

If you want to do an A-Level with minimal written coursework, Textiles might be an ideal A-Level for you! Textiles is about as hands-on as it gets, with 60% of your grade being from a portfolio you makeup throughout the course. The rest of your grade comes from a 10-hour exam in which it’ll be your job to create a piece using fabric and other materials 3. Do not think this A-Level will be a walk in the park, as you need to put in a lot of hours to get all of the work done. However, if you enjoy working with textiles the time will go by a lot faster for you.

9. Religious Studies

The majority of A-Level Religious Studies is simply your own opinion and your ability to voice that opinion clearly and concisely. The other portion of the A-Level is knowing the content, and thankfully there isn’t much content at all. Students only need to learn a few theories and concepts. The five religions students typically study are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. Religious Studies has one of the highest pass rates of all A-Levels at around 99%, which shows why this subject is so popular 1. Religious Studies also looks great on your CV accompanying other subjects.

10. Media Studies

Media studies can be argued as the easiest A-Level due to it’s 100% pass rate in 2019 [3]. The content covered in this course includes social media, privacy issues, and advertising. As you’re likely consuming social media content and advertising every day, you’re studying content that’s already familiar to you. 30% your grade requires you to create a media production, which can easily secure you a high grade if you’re interested in the topic. If you have a passion for creativity, this is the A-Level for you.


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