Private Schools in Scotland

There are 51 Private Schools in Scotland which take pupils of high school age. This is a combination of full independent secondary schools with 6th forms and independent preparatory schools.
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School Admissions

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School Tuition Fees

Day fees range from under £3,000 to over £26,000 across all of Scotland’s independent schools. Whereas Scotland’s private boarding school fees range from under £7,000 to over £32,000.

School Locations

The majority of Scottish private schools are located in central Scotland, which comprises of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the towns/areas in between. However, there are a good number of schools also in areas in the north of the country including Perthshire, Aberdeen and in Moray/Inverness.

Types of School

Scotland has a broad mixture of private schools including co-educational, boarding schools and day schools. You can use the quick selectors below to find schools by these types.

Scotland’s Independent Schools