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What is a private school in the UK?

A private school, also named an independent or public school in England UK is a fee paying organisation where parents pay an annual fee for their child to be educated outside of the state education system.

As you can see on this page the fees charge vary by area, with the most schools and highest fees tending to be in the south of England in areas like the capital London.

How much do UK private schools cost?

Across the whole of the UK the lowest day fees are £72 per year, and the highest day fees are £66,363 per year. The lowest boarding fees are £2,700 per year, and the highest boarding fees are £94,306 per year.

The cost of private schooling varies a lot by region, school and the type of education you want your child to receive. For example the fees for 'day schooling' where your child doesn't reside at the school are far lower than 'boarding' fees where the child has accommodation and lives at the school during term time.

Generally costs for independent school fees are higher in the south of England in London, Essex, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire etc. Whereas costs for independent schools in the north of England are lower.