Best Private Schools in Truro - Co-Ed, Boys, Girls

Truro has 2 senior private schools (Truro School and Truro High School). Both Schools offer prep school places however Truro School offers nursery places aswell. Both schools offer day and boarding places.

Truro High School and Truro School are located less than 1 mile from each other.

Day Places£14,514£14,685£14,600
Boarding Places£29,190£29,670£29,430

Truro School is a co-ed school whereas Truro High School is a girls-only school. There are no boys-only private schools in Truro.

How to Pass Entrance Exams for Private Schools in Truro

Schools in Truro

LocationTrennick Lane, Truro, TR1 1THGCSE A*/A: 56.5%
LocationTruro, Cornwall, TR1 2HUGCSE A*/A: Not Available