Best Private Schools in St Albans - Co-Ed, Boys, Girls

St Albans has 3 private schools which take pupils of high school age, some of which also have primary schools as well. All of these schools offer day places only.

St Albans is well covered by private schools with all of the schools situated close to St Albans Abbey station.

Day Places£10,413£21,282£17,480
Boarding Places£25,344£25,344£25,344

St Albans has two boys-only schools (St Columba’s College and St Albans School) and one girls-only school (St Albans High School for Girls). There are no independent co-ed schools in St Albans.

How to Pass Entrance Exams for Private Schools in St Albans

pupil revising for a private school entrance exam

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Schools in St Albans

LocationAbbey Gateway, St Albans, AL3 4HBGCSE A*/A: 92.7%
LocationTownsend Avenue, St Albans, AL1 3SJGCSE A*/A: 89.4%
LocationKing Harry Lane, St Albans, AL3 4AWGCSE A*/A: 69%