Best Private Schools in Leeds - Co-Ed, Boys, Girls

Leeds has 3 private schools which take pupils of high school age, some of which also have primary and nursery schools as well. All of these schools offer day places, with just one, Fulneck School offering boarding places as well.

The Grammar School at Leeds and Fulneck School are both located approximately 6 miles from the city centre, whereas Gateways School is located approximately 8 miles away.

Day Places£13,650£14,340£14,106
Boarding Places£26,985£26,985£26,985

There are two co-ed schools in Leeds (The Grammar School at Leeds and Fulneck School) and one girls-only school (Gateways School). There are no boys-only independent schools in Leeds.

How to Pass Entrance Exams for Private Schools in Leeds

Schools in Leeds

LocationHarrogate Road, Leeds, LS17 8GSGCSE A*/A: 70.4%
LocationHarewood, Leeds, LS17 9LEGCSE A*/A: Not Available
LocationPudsey, Leeds, LS28 8DS GCSE A*/A: Not Available