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Founded in 1878, The Queen’s School has been educating young women in the heart of Chester for almost 150 years. As Cheshire’s leading independent girls’ school, we are proud of our excellent academic results, award-winning careers provision, outstanding pastoral care, and extensive co-curricular programme that caters for everyone Girls aged 4 to 18 enjoy a journey of growth, learning, and boundless opportunities in a nurturing environment where they can truly thrive and flourish. We are passionate and firmly believe in the benefits of an all-girls education, and how it empowers our pupils to embrace their passions, shatter stereotypes, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. Our vision is clear: ‘To educate and empower more young women to lead and shape the world in which they live’. We firmly believe that every young woman has the potential to make a profound impact on society, and we are dedicated to nurturing and cultivating this potential within each pupil. With a deep sense of purpose, we strive to equip our girls with the tools they need to become confident, compassionate, and visionary leaders. Our aspiration is to create an educational environment that not only fosters academic excellence but also empowers young women to be agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

What is The Queen's School (Chester) Like?

Our small family environment means every girl is known personally and feels seen, heard, and valued, ensuring she flourishes academically, socially, and emotionally. Step through our doors and you will instantly feel the warmth of our friendly atmosphere, where young minds are nurtured, and girls become the very best version of themselves. Academically, we have built a strong foundation, instilling discipline and ambition while cultivating a growth mindset. Our results speak for themselves. We are proud to be able to say that our girls consistently achieve outstanding grades year on year, making us one of the top-performing schools in the North West, and giving our girls the freedom to pursue whatever path they choose when they leave as ambitious and independent young women. But it’s not just about academic achievements; it’s about developing compassionate, kind-hearted, and confident individuals. From the wealth of co-curricular opportunities to our outdoor learning programmes and community projects, we encourage our girls to be leaders, both within our school walls and beyond. We give them the opportunity to reconnect with the great outdoors, boosting environmental stewardship and personal development. The friendships formed here often last a lifetime, and our strong alumni connections create a network of support and inspiration that carries our students through their journey of self-discovery.

Would The Queen's School (Chester) be suitable for my child?

Queen’s is a happy and harmonious school, where pupils are celebrated as individuals and their welfare is our number one priority. Our warm and friendly environment and small class sizes ensure we really get to know your daughter as an individual; where she excels or if she needs extra support. Our dedicated and passionate staff build lasting relationships that will empower your daughter to explore her passions and ignite her curiosity. These strong relationships foster a sense of belonging and support. A clear system of rewards is in place to encourage excellent behaviour towards both teachers and other classmates. Visitors often comment on the friendly, can-do attitude of Queen’s girls and the real spirit of camaraderie that exists within year groups, Houses, sports teams, and indeed across the entire School. As a school, we truly believe in the positive power a strong relationship with parents and families can bring. Parents know that we see the wellbeing of our pupils as a fundamental part of their daughter’s all-round development and success. That is why our pupils are confident that their voice will always be heard, and that great interest is always being taken in their learning and their welfare. The parental survey carried out during the ISI inspection reinforced the confidence parents have in our pastoral care and highlighted the warm atmosphere created by the entire community. Strong communication between parents and School means concerns are addressed, and responded to, quickly. Our commitment to our pupils was reflected when we were named ‘Most Supportive Independent School - North West England’ in the Lux Life Private Education Awards.

Exam Performance (2022/23)

A*/A (9-7) Entries %67%54.1%

Admission Process

Infants (Years R–2): Girls are usually admitted into The Lower School at the start of the academic year (1st September – 31st August) in which they turn five years of age. To determine her potential, your daughter will spend time with our Early Years specialist team who will assess her through several play-based activities. Great care is taken to ensure that girls are relaxed and happy when undertaking assessments. Juniors (Years 3–6): Entry is determined by performance in mathematics, English, and non-verbal reasoning assessments. Your daughter’s ability to grasp new concepts is more important to us than evidence of absolute knowledge. Your daughter’s assessment will be held in a friendly Junior classroom, enabling her to demonstrate her strengths in a supportive and encouraging environment. Senior School (Year 7): Entry is determined by performance in mathematics, English and computer-based verbal and non-verbal reasoning examinations, which take place in January of the year of entry. Samples of the entrance examinations and guidance notes are available upon registration. As in all entrance assessments, we are searching for potential and the ability to flourish in The Queen’s School environment. Prior to the examination, we request a reference from the primary school headteacher and a copy of the past three years' school reports. Interviews are also arranged during the admissions process and take the form of an informal chat with parents and daughters, and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Sixth Form: Each year, we welcome a number of applicants from other schools, who choose to join Queen’s Sixth Form for its high academic standards, excellent results, and enriching extracurricular opportunities. Entry to the Sixth Form from other schools is dependent upon an interview and a presentation of an academic topic of their choice, a reference from their current school, and 7 GCSEs/iGCSEs at Grade 6/B or above, with at least a 7/A in their chosen subjects.


2022/23: All per term.


Fee Context (2022/2023)

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Scholarships and Bursaries

Bursaries: Although Queen’s is a fee-paying school there are opportunities for eligible parents to obtain financial assistance for their daughters at Year 7 and Year 12 entry. Such support is known as a bursary and is awarded by way of a discount on tuition fees, depending on the financial or other relevant circumstances of applicants. Bursaries are means-tested, and awards are made on the combined basis of academic merit and financial need and are assessed by an independent bursary administrator. Households with a total gross income exceeding £55,000 are unlikely to qualify for financial assistance. Due to the finite resources of the School’s Bursary Fund, not every eligible application for a bursary will be successful. Parents who wish to apply for a bursary will need to complete a bursary application form, available from The Admissions Manager. The level of bursary support offered varies depending upon parental need and bursary funds available. Scholarships: There are several academic scholarships available to girls at Queen’s, both at Year 7 entry and in the Sixth Form. Each scholarship signifies excellence in the area to which it relates and should be a source of great pride to the holder. Each scholarship is essentially an honorary award but does also carry a small financial award, which is credited to the pupil’s fees account in the term in which it is awarded.

Open Days

October 6th, 2023

Lower School Open House
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October 7th, 2023

Senior School Open Morning
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October 19th, 2023

Sixth Form Open Evening
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Key Dates

December 18th, 2023

Bursary Deadline for 2024

January 15th, 2024

Entrance Assessments for 2024 entry
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